Our Expertise

UK Imports & Exports


The UK has recently begun to trade independently with the rest of the world after their recent departure from the European Union. As a result, the UK has signed various new Bilateral Trade & Investment treaties (BITs) with numerous strategic countries. These new trade & investment opportunities, combined with the country's strong business reliability, create the perfect formula to help UK businesses to open their doors to trade internationally. 


South Valley Logistics is committed to supporting UK companies in opening their doors to trade internationally, providing global shipping, consultancy, and imports & exports management services. Our services are focused on assisting UK businesses prior, during and after their international logistics projects. We work with a trusted & qualified network of British agents and hauliers, which along with our professional experience, gives UK businesses comprehensive and unique services tailored to the companies needs.


Peruvian Imports & Exports


Peru has become one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, it currently is the second leading economy in Latin America and the Caribbean. This growth has been translated into many international trade opportunities for UK companies to expand their businesses in Peru ranging in many different industries such as infrastructure, mining, technology,  science and renewable energy. With so many opportunities, the UK has become the second-largest foreign investor in Peru, and thanks to the recently approved Trade Agreement between Peru and the United Kingdom, this trade in goods and services between the countries will keep on expanding. 

South Valley logistics specializes in providing import and export consultancy and project management services for UK companies who wish to expand their trading opportunities with Peru. With many years of experience dealing with imports and exports in both countries, we have valuable knowledge that will save UK companies time and money when doing business with Peru.

European Imports & Exports


With the recent UK departure from the European Union, significant changes had taken place in the way we move goods and trade between the EU and the UK. Now companies who previously used to move products freely have to follow and complete customs procedures and declarations only applicable when trading with non-EU businesses, increasing their costs and workload.


South Valley Logistics, conscious of these issues provides comprehensive logistic and consultancy solutions for UK companies that trade with Europe. Our experience and knowledge of UK import procedures and regulations will make this process simple and allow companies to concentrate on their day-to-day business. Making the process swift, smooth, and most importantly avoiding delays and rent charges which can happen if a company is not prepared and does not comply with the new customs rules.

Global Shipping


The complexities of international logistics and supply chain can be problematic for most companies if they are new to international trade. With over 10 years of experience and knowledge in international trade and a trusted network of professional hauliers and forwarders, South Valley logistics is the one-stop-shop that your company needs, offering you reliable and transparent shipping services with no hidden costs.


We will assure your shipments move efficiently and cost-effectively from beginning to end. We go beyond the average international logistics service, providing you with constant updates, and giving you peace of mind and reassurance that your shipments are in safe hands.